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In the last 7 Kpop-obsessing years of my life (I'm 18 lol) I haven't encountered a group like this. The last time I got into a K-pop group was 2012. This year, when a friend introduced me to Monsta X they turned out to be so much better than I expected.



*cough* he can *cough* bite me anytime *cough*. The rather mature maknae (compared to the maknaes of other groups I'm in). He made me tear up when he was all alone when he came on the show NO MERCY. He makes me laugh with his wit. His talent and rapping skills only add on to his never-ending capabilities (don't get me started on his aegyo and mixtape, so proud of my baby✨)


How do I even start?? I kid you not, if you get into Monsta X or are already into it (which is inevitable) Minhyuk is the energetic puppy you'll want to adopt. He is the group's mood maker and also mine. He makes me want to take care of him (don't judge my oemma-ness T_T). Minhyuk's air of innocence but then his abs, his child-like tendencies but then his abs, his cute smile but then his abs. He'll be the death of me, oh god, have mercy on me!! I'm too young to die.


YES!! I TRIBUTE The ramyun-lover boy, he is the one of the hyungs in the group but also one of the dorkiest members. He goes from hot-ABS-flashing to nervous-giddy-dork real quick which only makes him lovable. His ABS are no joke. Wonho is also rather the emotional one, he has cried a few times on broadcast (MonSurprise and NO MERCY) and I just wanted to hold him. His voice is swoon-worthy and beautiful (i wish my baby would get more lines though T_T). Did I mention his abs? ;)


The leader and the appa of the group. Onstage: charismatic, handsome, hot and an amazing dancer. Offstage: innocent as a lamb, dork and a cutie. When I first got into Monsta X and I watched their live performances and their interviews/variety shows. The contrast in his deamenor made my jaw drop, In all honesty that made him all the more attractive to me. Along with hyungwon he gives off a "quiet strength" vibe to me, then in reality he is the textbook definition of dork and then on stage he'll make your heart flutter.


AKA the oemma and the main vocalist of the group. His sass which makes me laugh out loud and the way he looks after the members which is endearing. Then his voice, when he came on NO MERCY, I didn't expect him to be so good, after further speculation I've concluded that honey drips from his voice (No joke y'all). His looks, personality and voice all add on to the never ending list of talents Monsta X has.


The rapper and the definition of a teddy bear. His appearance to a portion of people seems hardcore, scary or cold. His presence on stage is more than enough to shake you up even if you are just watching it online. But in reality he is a softie, child-like and fun to be around. His childish tantrums, sass make me laugh but most of all I love how he doesn't seem to have a filter. I love his originality and talent (not to mention his mixtape👌🏼👌🏼)


Where do I even start?! His model-like physique? Voice? Beautiful face? Humor? Grandpa tendencies? Memewon?! 😆 He is the I-woke-up-looking-like-a-10 kind of man, he is quiet at times but he has his own sense of humor and I love that about him. He gives off a quiet-strength type of vibe to me, he is highkey hubby material. My baby hyungwonnie <3

JaeLayJooWonho: 0 Monsta X: 17381948781 Other than "Monsta X" you could also refer to them as bias list wreckers, but I ain't complaining ;) If you look up perfection in the dictionary you'll find Monsta X. I adore them, even though they plowed through my concrete-written-in-stone bias list that formed after years of being a k-pop fan ^_^ In all honesty, they make me laugh, leave me utterly star-struck and also proud to be a MonBebe, these dorks are deserving of all the love and support <3