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Machiko & hatchin honestly is one of my favorite anime's , considering the theme and plot it has to it. Hatchin being a child stuck in an abusive home , gets taken from her abusive foster family and goes to live on dangerous journey with michiko .Michiko was hatchin's father's lover , and michiko goes on a dangerous journey with hatchin to find hachin's father. The ending might of been a little disappointing in a way but I like the way it ended . Michiko builds a strong relationship with hatchin that at least they do end up back together. Written by:takashi ujita
EASTER EGG!!!! This is a scene in Michiko & Hatchin that I was so surprised to see because of you ever watched Ergo Proxy ; there was and episode that showed Vincent law in a bookstore type of place and all the books were covered in his name .
This is the scene in ergo proxy that shows his name on all the books. THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME!!