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This was originally the SS501 30 Day Challenge, but I'm going to answer all 30 questions as a formal introduction!
1. Favorite Member and Why
My favorite member, and ultimate bias, is Heo Youngsaeng because we have quite a bit in common, including our love of sports.
2. Very First Song You Listened To
3. Favorite Song
4. Least Favorite Song
5. Song That Makes You Happy
6. Song That Makes You Sad
7. Song You Know All The Words To
8. Dance You Know All The Moves To
9. Dance You Would Like To Learn
10. Favorite Korean MV
11. Favorite Japanese MV
12. First Variety Show
13. Favorite Variety Cut Of Hyunjoong
14. Favorite Variety Cut Of Youngsaeng
15. Favorite Variety Cut Of Kyujong
16. Favorite Variety Cut Of Jungmin
17. Favorite Variety Cut Of Hyungjun
18. Best Dancer
19. Funniest Member
(part 2 will be uploaded in 5 minutes!)