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"It's just the...RULES OF FEMINISM!"

You know the unspoken rule of friendship, don't date someone your friend has already dated. Right?

I had a few friends who were part of a different, larger friend group in high school.

For some reason, they all seemed to be dating each other throughout the four years.

Janet would date Ian, they'd break up, Ian would date Maggie who was best friends with Janet, Janet would date Kyle, Kyle would eventually date Maggie, Ian and Janet would get back together, etc etc etc
There were like, 6 or 7 guys and girls and they'd just trade partners but still sort of remain friends even though it was probably super awkward?!
It's easy to date in your friend-group but does it cause more problems if the romance ends?

Do you guys feel like the "don't date friends' exes" rule is valid or are there exceptions?

I feel you should talk to the friend about it first
I never had to deal with that but I would say no, I would not like it
well I think it's fine if they ask their friends first but I would think that would seriously ruin friendships
I wouldn't do this for the life of me. That's just one thing I have never done or will ever do. XD it's just not cool with me. Cause if my friend had a relationship with their ex, why would I jump into that as well? It wouldn't make sense to me.
I was fooling around with a guy once before I found out that he is my best friend's ex. we didn't mind at all... Long story
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