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Earlier in the week it was announced that CNBlue's Jung Younghwa was being investigated for insider trading. Today, he was cleared of all suspicions. Younghwa didn't know what was happening, and had entrusted his finances with his mother for a long time. His mother bought stocks, and Yonghwa only sold a few of them after he heard the company had recruited the person. Unfortunately, Lee Jong Hyun has been fined around $17,300 (20 Million Won)
Now, let me say this first. He didn't know what he was doing was illegal!!! Jonghyun bought stocks not knowing this was illegal. When he realized it was he never sold a single one, and has in fact been loosing money. The court has granted him a summary indictment, knowing that he deeply reflects on his wrongs. Jonghyun is truely very sorry, not having known what he was doing.
@JaxomB Most Likely. He's very fortunate that he found out what he had done when he did. Despite this fans will still fully support him! We are very glad that he has been granted what he has :)
If he had sold the stocks, he probably would have gone to prison.