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Annyeong! Gamerkyumin here again to inform you of our wonderful Super Junior Community. We, the ELF Reps, have lots of fun things planned out for you every week, so check out our schedule towards the end of the card! :) Also, keep a look out because we might have some activities for you to join coming your way! For now, let's go ahead and check out our very wonderful team ^^
I'm our group's Gamer representative and leader, @Gamerkyumin :)
One of our amazing ELFish representatives and our fishy, @Kpossible4250 :)
Our wonderful Chamomile representative and our 4D member, @KokoroNoTakara :)
Our brilliant Siwonest representative and our other 4D member and our Minnie, @twistedPuppy :)
Our other lovely ELFish representative and our very own evil maknae, @CuteBabyLay :)
We have quite a lot of members in Super Junior, so we decided to split our days up by the different sub groups! Here's our schedule: Monday: Super Junior M Monday (@Kpossible4250) Tuesday: Super Junior H/T Tuesday (@GamerKyumin) Wednesday: Underdog Wednesday (@KokoroNoTakara will be posting about some of our underappreciated members) Thursday: Super Junior D&E Thursday (@Kpossible4250) Friday: Super Junior KRY Friday (@twistedPuppy and @CuteBabyLay) Saturday: Super Junior Saturday (Together we'll all be posting about Super Junior in general ^^) Sunday: ELF of the Week (We'll choose a random ELF from our tag list. If you're chosen, you can request your very own spam)
Our first cards will be coming out tomorrow. Details about the other cards will be given by the other members as their days come closer ^^ We'll work hard this coming period to help the community grow on Vingle, so please take care of us! On behalf of the ELF Reps, we hope you enjoy!
This is the Super Junior "Sapphire Ocean" tag list. It will only be used for our Suju community posts :) Please leave a comment saying if you want to be added to this list! Or if you wish to be taken off the list... Tags are listed alphabetically. One of us ELF Reps (@GamerKyumin, @Kpossible4250, @twistedPuppy, @KokoroNoTakara, or @CuteBabyLay) will respond to your comment to let you know you have been added! Changes will occur from next card on! A: @AaliyahNewbell, @addri, @AlexisCortez, @aliendestina,   @AlyssaGelet818, @amobigbang, @AnnieGoodman B: @baileykayleen, @Brawner13 C: @cardboardart, @ChelseaJay, @CristinReynolds, D: @Defy24601 E: @EliseB, @EmilyGardner, @Ercurrent, @ESwee F: @FalseLove G: H: @HerosBells I: @IsoldaPazo, @Izzy987 J: @JasminMartinez@Jinnyrod3 K: @kandle779, @KarlythePanda66, @KellyOConnor, @Keniaaxox, @kpopandkimchi, L: @lashonda0917 M: @MadAndrea@MaggieHolm, @MandyNoona @megancurrent9, @merryjayne13, @Minnieluvs, @MirandaStephens, @MrsKyuhyunCho N: @NadineEsquivel O: @otakukpoper P: @P1B2Bear, @pharmgirlerin, @PrincessUnicorn Q: R:  @resavalencia S: @SimplyAwkward, @Starbell808, @SugaMint, @SugaOnTop, @sukkyongwanser, @SweetDuella T: @Ticasensei U: @unnieARMkeY V: @VeronicaArtino, @vicky1990, @VixenViVi, @VKookie47 W: X: Y: Z: *I added my personal tag list onto here. For my outside posts, I will only use my personal tag list.
Finally SuJu has a community!!
@karinamiranda81 @matty0203 Adding you right now :)
Can you please add me to the list?
@ESwee @SweetDuella @KellyOConnor @MrsKyuhyunCho @KarlythePanda66 @VixenViVi Thank you guys for your support! We're also really excited about this :)
Please add me to the list 😊
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