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On June 25th I woke up with this
This was yesterday I went to thr doctor says it might be a brown recluse bite
This morning as you see my ankle is swollen.
Tonight. Ive been elevating it all day considering my ankle is swollen. I got up about a hour ago to go clean and it was dripping blood there was a blood trail to the bathroom so yeah....
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@LocoForJiyong yeah antibiotic pills and ointment
a year ago·Reply
aw i hope you get better soon!!
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yeah I don't mean to scare you but a recluse is kinda venomous. try to keep it wrapped. lavender and coconut oil can help with healing.
a year ago·Reply
and Shea butter
a year ago·Reply
Ouch and scary..... Make sure to hydrate to help your body flesh out the toxins
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