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20. Favorite Ship
21. Favorite SS501 Moment
22. Favorite Interview
23. Favorite Live Performance
24. Member You'd Want As A Brother
25. Favorite Picture Of Hyunjoong
26. Favorite Picture Of Youngsaeng
27. Favorite Picture Of Kyujong
28. Favorite Picture Of Jungmin
29. Favorite Picture Of Hyungjun
30. Why You Like SS501
I discovered SS501 in college and Immediately fell in love with their music and their unique personalities! They all have something that I can look up to and aspire to be! Overall, they have grown into a group that I can hold near and dear to my heart!
Now, SS501 Community, I would like you to do this challenge any way you like! Do them all at once, only answer your favorite, answer one a day, it's up to you! Just tag me when you do so I can see it!