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This trip is exciting and super fun. yesterday was packing. I am doing interview people at the concert next and put up cards after the concert.

Follow my cards for more got7 dallas concert.


The winner of the outfit is number 2. COMMENT if you are going.

My Ride to dallas. FIRST El Paso to Midland.

I love this part of the drive. the mountains are beautiful and dramatic. . Staying in Midland was not the best. There was a ton of oil workers at all hotels.

THEN Midland to dallas

this part was really pretty. hills for miles, lakes, and a lot of green plants. The many animals were fun to look at. Like cow, goats, chickens and pigs. . I was driving so I could not get any pictures. Also the second picture, the chaos of my car.

MAP of my trip. It was 9h and 9min.

So people who are going to the concert I am doing interviews before the show starts.

Find me in section 407 row B.

I'm going I am heading there as soon as I get off work. it will take about 5 hours to get there.
Have fun! My daughter now has a ticket to the ATL show, and I'm still working on getting one for me.
I went to High School in Midland ☺ That's a long drive. you be careful on the road ☺