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A little long.
Chapter 19 ************** ~ N P.O.V~ The past two days have been long and agony. I been giving my little one my blood to turn her. Today was the third and I was in the kitchen. The Exo clan and the X clan have been staying at our house. They couldn't simple visit our house no they had to sleep over. I understand that wolves travel in a pack but I really didn't want my house to smell like wet dog. I was sipping on a mug full of blood. It was eight in the evening and we all just now woke up. I couldn't sleep the last two nights as I'm waiting for my little one to turn. "Rough night?" A voice asked. I turned around to see Zeke standing there. "Yes very rough night. I can't sleep with out her being by my side." I said. He made himself a plate of food and stood across me. "Do you love her? You said she was you soon to be mate? How did you two meet?" He asked his questions. "Yes, I love her. I can't live with out her. She my everything. We meet when she was stupid enough to stay out past humans cerfew. She was about to be attacked but we saved her. I never tended to fall for her but I did." "And I never tended to fall for you but I did." A female voice said. We both snapped our heads to the entrance of the kitchen. There stood my little one. Her long hair hair flowing down her back. Her eyes were a pretty red color. She was even more beautiful then her human looks. She was dressed in a dress and high heels. "Hello Zeke" she gave her a brother a smile and hugged him. I kept staring at her. Her brother excuse himself and left both of us. "Master N?" She asked giving me a concern look. It made my heart beat fast. I couldn't handle it anymore, I had to touch her. I cupped her face and brought her lips to mine as I kissed her hard and long. She curled her arms around my neck and I wrapped my arms around her waist as our kiss heated up. "Would you two mate already, geez I'm here alone and you two have to rub it in. Couples pft?" Hongbin said. We broke away, panting hard. "Hongbin go find yourself a girl." I told him, pulling my little one closer to me. "Yeah if it was that easy." He muttered. "It was easy for me" I winked at my little one as she giggled. Her giggled turn me on. He rolled his eyes and left the kitchen. "I missed you" I whispered in her ear. "I love you" "I love you too" she said back. I smiled. This was the girl who broke down my walls made me less mean. She turned my world upside down. ~HER P.O.V~ "Can you tell me what happened?" I asked him as I looked into his eyes. "You were attacked by Anala men and I went to her house and killed her. Your brother showed up and helped fight." He explained. I didn't need all the details, I just needed to know what happened when I was out. I knew Master N turned me into a vampire because when I looked in the mirror when I woke up I was about to freak but Mina explained that I was turned into a vampire after my accident. We stared into each others eyes until he smiled. "Come on?" He grabbed my hand and led me to the living room where everyone was at. "Starlight!!!" "Angel!!!" Ken and Hyuk called out and hugged me. I hugged them back but I didn't expect Jongin to come up. "Immorality looks sexy on you baby" he said winking at me and pulling me into a hug. "If you ever want a real man, you can have me as a mate." He whispered in my ear. "Stop playing Jongin." I laughed and pulled back from the hug. I could feel Master N's eyes on us. "Stop flirting with my little one Jongin" Master N hissed as Jongin himself laughed. I turn my attention back to who was infront of me and it was Xiumin. "I'm sorry for not protecting you" he said looking down at the floor. I hugged him, "Its okay Xiumin, you didn't know I would be attacked." I told him. He seemed to feel better now that I assured him that it was okay. I greeted by everyone and met new people. "Everyone its time for the ritual." Master N  said. When he started to say this I was being dragged by Mina. We entered my room and she pulled out a white dress from my closet. I never saw it in my closet. "When did that get there?" I asked her as she smiled and winked at me. "N bought it when you were out. He actually bought a lot of clothes for you when you were out. He said that his mate deserve the best." She told me. I slipped it on. It hugged my body tight. The lace pattern was beautiful. It showed off my collar bones. Mina clipped on a necklace around my neck as I put my earing on. There was a knock on the door. Mina called out to the person for them to enter. "Do you need help?" Beakhyun asked as he shut the door. "Sure can you do her make up?" Mina asked him and he nod. He spread out all the cosmetics on the counter and started to fix my face up as Mina curled my hair. It was thirty minutes when Beakhyun pulled back and smiled "Done and you look gorgeous your Highness" he joked as I giggled. "Now don't ruin my masterpiece, okay" "Okay" I gave him a warm smile and hugged him.I threw a thank you in too to show him show much I appreciated him doing my make up. There was another knock and Beakhyun opened the door. My brother stepped in with a suit. "My little sis looks gorgeous. I can't believe I'm giving her away. You grew up" he started to tear up but I smiled and punched him in the stomach. He made a noises and held his stomach. "Your not completely giving me away. I will be around visiting Mina and you can come over here too." I told him as he nod his head. He was going to rub my head but Mina slapped his hand away before giving him a look that was filled with love and compassion. My brother had a goofy smiled that played on his lips as he stared at Mina. "Hate to ruin all the love fest but we have to get Angel down to my brother." Hyuk said in the door way. Mina and my brother jumped and looked at Hyuk. "Okay we will be right down" he nod and smiled. "Good luck Angel" he winked and went back down. I turned to my brother, he held out his arm for me and I wrapped my arm his arm. We made it out to the backyard, where everything was set up for the ritual and the moon shinned bright in the sky. Red rose petals made a walk way. There was candles on the benches that were set up. N and his brother's were standing by the alter in their suits. When my brother and I walked down the pathway. N stepped down and took my hand. His brothers stepped down and sat on the benches up front. N rubbed his thumb over my knuckles and the back of my hand. "You look beautiful, My Little One." He whispered to me. He turned to the crowd. "Thank you all for coming and witnessing a beautiful moment for my mate and I. I shall now begin the ritual." N said. "From the moon to the sun, From every star in the sky. From every breathing being. I, Cha HakYeon will treasure, cherish, and love my mate forever and to hold." He said out loud. He gave me a paper and I looked down and read it. "From sunlight to moonlight, From seasons to season, From life to death. I..." I took a deep breathe. This was that part that I had to tell my name. N looked at me with assurance. "Its okay if you don't say your name." He whispered. "I, little one will treasure, cherish, and love my mate forever and to hold." I said with smile. N picked up my wrist and held out his as he sinked his fangs into my wrist. I did the same to him and pulled away. He held mine and his wrist over a cup. The blood from us dripped and mixed in. He picked up the cup and offered it to me. I sniffed the wine and our blood laced in together. I drank half and he drank the rest before placing the cup back on the alter. He picked up a lighter and light his candle. I lit mine and then we both lit the middle one together. "Together we shall be one" he said to me with a smile. After litting the candle he kissed me on my lips and I kissed him back. Everyone in the crowd cheered as N and I became mates. A little after, everyone was dancing and partying around under the night sky. I kinda distance myself from the party as I watched the night sky. "What are you doing love?" N asked me as he sat down and wrapped his arms around me. "Star gazing. Its one of my favorite things to do." I told him as I smile up at the stars. Looking at them made me feel comfortable and relaxed. They also gave me little answers to my problems too. Right now they were telling me to tell N what my birth name was. I was ready to anyways after getting the closer that I wanted. "N?" "HakYeon. You can call me HakYeon from now on." he said cupping his hand up against my cheek. "And you can call me Nisha, Nisha Hawn." I told him. "Such a beautiful name for my beautiful mate. What does it mean?" "It means Night."
Oooo did someone say sequel! Yes please!😊
@JarviaKlipka oh okay because like @SuniWilcox said it would be a great ending 😄
Leo sequel please!
@NiahriTaylor I did a Leo book and im working on Ravi's book. 😄😄😄
Let's see....I bet Baekhyun made her eyeliner on point, that ritual was more romantic than a wedding and it's not y/n anymore so I'm Nisha Hwan. But I want more, it was so hot and steamy in the beginning.
I know it's already pretty far in, but can I be tagged in the rest of these? 💕
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