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Have you ever been in love? Leave a comment below if you have or are.
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Yeah I was in love, well I guess I still kinda am, but things happen and people change, and the person I fell in love with is bearly even there. after holding on for a long time, I finally realized I was hurting myself from staying so I let go and now I'm moving on ahead without that person.
Her name was Julia. As i entered high school i was just a small boy that would day dream about 1 day that the prefect girl would sit next to me and we would fall in love. (i dont recall how we met) So, we began talking. Her curly long silky hair, glasses with a clear sign of intelligence, a personality that just mafe made me fall in love. In that moment time froze as i realized...she was the one. After a while we grew closer, but i was afraid to make a move. I was shy to the point every time we made eye contact i would blush. (i think she new i liked her) So now we begin to text. I started helping her when she was down. Fast foward to her telling me "hey i have a boy-friend." I was broken. Now he wasn't a bad guy but she told me that after a while as they we're dating, he made her upset. Her mom found out they were dating and she cried at school because they broke up but got back together. Fast Forward to her birth day and she invites me and 3 of her female friends to go to the beach. She invited her boyfriend, he didn't go. He said he was "busy". I met Julia's friends and they said we were perfect but she was dating. Fast Forward to now the boyfriend making the girl upset. She told me They broke up. Now it was my chance( PART 1) @TakamiRen @AshChrimson
All love has to start on a beautiful day and they meet kindly and warmly introducing each other right? Wrong I was a hotheaded anti-social having just moved from growing up in Texas I hated my surroundings since I left my only friends behind and I didn't live by much kids so the little friends I did have I treasured anyway I was with my mom (currently 5th-6th grade me) on my way to her friends house I was known to have a mouth on me and to behave so I did.…by staying in the car and playing on my ds and phone tempted to make friends (but really I needed some fresh air it was hot as hell out and her black car wasn't helping) I walked out I had no problems with any of the other kids having being one of the oldest there but then older kids came around with my moms friend and her daughter (I was currently at my other moms friends house which happens to be the sister of my other moms friend ) anyway I had heard from some nicknames they tossed around that she was just as bad as me with misbehaving we pretty much stayed away from each other until we were about to leave something happened and the older girls along with their cousin started ganging up on me and like anything when it gets cornered o snapped swearing and cursing at each and every one of them most brushed it off but when I got to the main problem we went back and forth neither of us backing down until our parents stepped in she backed a way crying and shouting while I just kept responding to her (luckily we were in the same car on the way home) I was made to apologize but for the first time I actually felt the heavy blow of my actions and it all came crashing down crying but trying not to show it I rolled down the window and let the air blow into my eyes refusing to close them saying that the wind is why I'm crying but I couldn't lie much longer we looked at each other tears in our eyes her deep blue ones and my greenish blue ones and Said sorry becoming closer after the car ride we became friends and that's where it all started her name I was still clueless of until the next time we met as she set bye her long blond hair waved in the wind and her perfume lingering in the air I slowly walked towards the car said sorry once more and ran towards my mom no longer able to cry from the hell I put my eyes through I told her I was sorry for acting up and want to hang out with her more (Part 1:Bitter sweet beginning END )
@ColtynGriffith please. Dont feel like you have to strain yourself. It can be a chapter book and I'll read it
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