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Have you ever been in love? Leave a comment below if you have or are.
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@TakamiRen @AshChrimson. Sorry about the break I got a little lazy and pushing it off until the next day so I promise I will do the second part tomorrow for sure
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@ColtynGriffith Oh its alright, looking foward to the second part :D
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@TakamiRen @AshChrimson (part 2 ) after that we started to hang out more frequently I learned her name and her little brothers and the cousins she lived with while ever since then I took on a more silent but deadly behavior she still was as hotheaded as ever later I took on a somewhat leader role and they were part of my "group" they always looked up to me and we were best friends her knowing I can't resist a good fight I told her if there's anybody you need taking care of tell me fast forward a couple weeks I passed sixth grade and was on to seventh and into a new school there was a boy she lived by which happened to be her ex and he was annoying her and sometimes hitting her already wanting to fight I said so why did you bring that up as she looks over to her cousins and she whispered "do it ask him already" she then Turned towards me starting to ask m
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@ColtynGriffith Omg, now I wanna hear part 3, u ended on the good part
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@TakamiRen @AshChrimson me what the other was to shy to do but she told her cousin to shut up and then asked in a shy voice "well could you kinda beat him up or something " I looked at her in shock as if these words were to good to be true I said almost immediately "yeah sure lets go have a 'chat' " so having been the top in all my karate classes and a little pissed off a walked over there very cocky like but she asked if I was going to fight him I simply answered only if he instigated the fight then yes I continued over while they both trailed not to far behind my back (Now I'm gonna switch to the ex's perspective just to put a little picture of how scary I seemed ) A guy walks up to me about 1.5 feet taller than me he looked almost grown but from what I've heard he's only in 7th grade that's impossible I mean his chest is practically ripping out of his shirt whatever I better play it cool for now and see what they want (Back to me also my friends always joke around saying I hit puberty when I was like 8 because of how deep my voice was and stuff anyway back to the story) I walked up and said "so what do you think your doing " he replied "what " as to how confused he was on who I am I clenched my fist and walked around him while saying " I heard you really know how to treat a lady…somebody told me some things,things that bother me but let me get one thing clear between us (I stopped and looked at him in the eye ) Don't touch her as I glance over for a second to let him know who I was talking about Don't annoy her don't talk to her and don't even look at her the wrong way " as he gazed off a little bit I started to yell now "My eyes are up here ,not over there and if you want to keep yours I suggest you focus on me " he replied nervously "whatever your just stupid shut up you little bitch " I rushed forward just a couple of feet away he fell backward I stared for a second and said " do you want to die hmm? It's a simple question yes or no really but if you even think about messing with her I will rip your tongue out and hang you by it while watching you suffer " I then said " lets go nothing else is gonna happen "as we took a couple steps I heard him running inside to his apartment complex I knew what he was doing so I said lets go back for now and let them come sooner or later I knew they would be here his mom asked if I would ever do anything to hurt him I said no of course not you know me as she turned around I looked at her winked smiled and then looked at her ex with a serious face (me and her like to get one another in trouble sometimes for fun ) she laughed now sitting at the table the mom said what's so funny she said nothing while looking at me with a smile I quickly mouthed out the words really now the mom turned around quick and she said you seriously wouldn't hurt him I said yeah I she turned around I repeated the same process just to make sure my intentions were clear but she didn't turn around that time realizing the boy and his mom had left she shouted Bitch and slam several doors we went into to her room later with her cousin and talked about it she said thanks I said no problem and If you ever need help again you know where to find me(I should probably mention before I went over there we had to have a backstory of who I was in order to give me a reason to be mad or for him to feel like he fucked up otherwise he would think I'm her new boyfriend so her cousin said why don't you just act like her cousin I was like alright that works) later that day I left and said later 'cousin' she laughed and said bye 'cousin' we all laughed before after her mom said what are you doing kid trying to start a fight we don't need anymore of those around here I then left while smiling all the way home (Part 2:E…END)
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