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I'm proud to Announce that I will be the One Piece Moderator for this quarter again NAKAMA!! Here is the One Piece community guidelines as well NAKAMA!!
I wanna thank my Supporters from this past quarter!! @chrisstephens @devilsson @nathanielmoanan I would love to have supporters again for this Quarter!! Anyone want to join message me or comment here!! Let's stand together and fight together NAKAMA!!
YAY!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!! 😊😊😊 @LuffyNewman
@KurosakiJess the honor is all mine!! Happy to have you along Navigator!! You now an official mod support for OP community!!
I am so down! I'd be honored!! (: @LuffyNewman
@KurosakiJess seriously?? Awesome, I was hoping you'd be down I guess I just didn't think to ask in case you were busy!! I can def add you as a supporter!! I'd love to have another crew member!! Got a first mate how about being the Navigator?
Umm, me? I feel I am worthy enough to support the One Piece community. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ–πŸ»