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Hello my friends I would like to offer this amazing opportunity to join a lovely FAIRY TAIL rp the character that are taken are Jellal Natsu nashi Lisanna Levy gray So if you want to join just drop your kik down below with what character you want to be if you don't want to do that then personal message me if look forward to seeing you all in the chat!!!!!(PS NO ORINGINAL CHERECTERS THAT WAY NO ONE CAN MAKE UP OP POWERS!!!!!)
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@KageTsuki040910 you can be erza what's your kik
2 years ago·Reply
Fallensouls0918 @ZacharyStewart
2 years ago·Reply
hey can I be rogue? I'm kinda quiet if that's cool 😅
2 years ago·Reply
@VforValid what's your kik
2 years ago·Reply
@ZacharyStewart VTheShadow
2 years ago·Reply