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Many of you people requested him, so here it is~ The lineup so far: V Jin Suga J-hope Jimin Jungkook Rap Monster Hobi was requested first last time.

You know the drill. Good luck! (:

1. his face when he sees you approaching

2. what you give him

**if you got "a question" scroll to 3.1!!!

3. his face when he receives it

3.1 [if you gave him a question] he answers you with ____

4. his face when you're told to move on to the next member

5. He goes for a high five. You ____

[my results] he's like "o.o ...OHHH I'll make good use of this mwuahaha"

How'd it go? Who's next?

Thanks so much for the feedback btw ^^ Fanmeet ssg taglist: @AlittleJoy
I straight up got the Jnope face just by walking up so you can guess that the rest went bad as well
honestly that's probably what would happen to me 😂😂 he'd just be like "Wtf is that? Nope."
@ElisabethGraceG lol what if something like that happened irl... Girl: *walks toward Hobi* J-hope: *flashes Jnope face* Girl: ok *turns around & walks away*
@Badtz omg thank you for making a Hobi game! I can't wait to post my results!
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