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Tomorrow is mods first day... and I am proud to announce

Jay Park Mod Team is complete

now let me introduce ya to my team.

@MarrickeJ33 aka VP

when I'm not around she the next in charge... Marricke unnie is the Simon to my Jay Park so its only tight she my left hand (since I'm left handed xD)
Next up is our very own

@amobigbang aka JJJ


@BBxGD aka GJP

but you all know them from GD community and BTS community. These two might as well be my Gray... since they will see things me and Marricke don't see... so there no hiding haha
Now we have our Maknae Line up:

@dayashley11 aka SMDC

also know as the oldest in the line up.

@PriyaBala aka HH

The sweet beloved rookie middle child who will surprise you with her aomg lovin

our little sunshine (our 아기) who is also the mod for Monsta-X community. and I know were only suppose to have 6 supporters but we wish to take this vingler under our mod wings and get her ready for next quarter our maknae @KaeliShearer make us proud boo
And that our mod team... we will be called BO$$E$ Squad as most know already. and with their help we will be making sure everyone follows the guildlines of all communities (the work guildlines is link to it) I also have a special request for my everyone that if you know your card might be a bit too much for anyone under the age of 18/19 pretty please use somewhere in your card. its so you can say 'at least you warn them' just a little favor I ask of all my aomg lovers and j-walkers
@pandaqueenbee * walks over to up and hands you some shades and Jay Park breads*
aw come here i want to squish you @KaeliShearer
I will get all those cards that's don't warn my poor "innocent" soul
Good job everyone 😁
I am happy for those that made it but I'm sad because I didn't make it
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