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Just wanted to give a little into about myself!! I am 24 and I like K-pop a whole lot!! I first found K-pop after I found K-dramas. And one of the groups that stole me heart was BEAST! Ever since then they have had me. And I've been a Beauty!!
My bias of the group would be: LEE GIKWANG He's so cute, sexy, and serious!! Just amazing!!
My Favorite song: 12:30 I love the way it flows and the sounds of the vocals are amazing. Also like Good Luck those vocals and the beats are so well put together!!
Oh and my favorite Variety show they've came on, is Weekly Idol!! They have so much fun and always have me laughing!! The one they just came out on and the one from 2014! Ah, so funny!!!
!!SIDE NOTE!! OKAY HERE IS ANOTHER TRUTH ABOUT ME!! Now, I recently came to have a 2ND group, MONSTA X. The reason. I added this part because this group reminds me so much of BEAST in so many ways!! But that's just me. But like my name says BEAUTY 1ST and MONBEBE 2ND. I SUPPORT BOTH GROUPS EQUALLY!!
Thank you Emma! @PrettieeEmm
hi nice to meet you.. im Emma.. since you like monsta x I'll be sure to tag you in all things Monsta 😊