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I love the unintentional humor in awkward moments, don't you?

I shouldn't even joke because cousins marrying cousins actually happens a lot more than you'd probably think.
A few years ago, one of my cousins married my other cousin who lived in a different country their entire life who he'd met when he finally went to go visit that family. The more Americanized cousins were a little grossed out, but my overseas family didn't see the problem in it at all.
My dad, being the perfectly dark-humored gentleman that he is, just said something along the lines of: "Well, at least she knows he comes from a good family."

What do you guys think about cousins marrying cousins? Does only being 3rd or 4th cousins make it okay? Or is it still taboo?

ew no.. I know a family that married cousins and all the kids look like twins, even the husban and wife look alike lol obviously because they are all from same family. my grandma says when you marry like that, that your kids can sometimes had physical problems
@Miichi HAHAHA It's weird because my mom was saying the same exact thing, but some of our more old-school family members didn't see the problem in it at all and felt like that was just going to bring the families together even more. I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL AND SERIOUSLY DISTURBED. They don't have any sort of Ross equivalent in Japan?
ps. I miss ross to no end
@danidee Personally I'd prefer not to marry a cousin. It's actually funny doh. I met a distant cousin on my dads side of the family, had never met him before, but he looked just like my first cousin. My brother had a track meet and he was there with his school. I had to do a double take and I told him, boy if you don't look like my cousin! We took him to my granddad, who was there too, and he looked at him and asked his last name, and kid said Johnson and he's like yeah we have family named Johnson. I was mind blown 馃槀
it's depends on how close you're with your cousins. I prefer married with strangers with no blood line so you will have new different thought or culture.
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