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In Korea, summer is usually really humid and really rainy.

They called the rainy season: 장마철 (jang-ma-cheol)

Usually lasting from late June to Late August, there's usually a high percent chance of rain every single day!

In San Diego we NEVER got rain except for a few times in winter, so the thought of a rainy season boggles my mind (yes I lived in NYC for school but I was always in SD for summer!)

Is there a 장마철 where YOU live?

If you are, don't forget you 우산!

yes. I live in the bipolar state of Texas.
I live Texas so we have different weather like different regions😂 where I live we have a rainy season in April through June then it starts heating up ♨
@minyoongii same here in St.Louis Missouri
omg yes! here in Miami it's like the whole summer lol
I wish we had 장마철!! It's so hot here (Italy); especially this summer there almost 40° and you cannot step out of your house!!
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