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I keep telling myself over and over and over again that I just got a new makeup palette this week, and yet...here I am. Considering buying some more eye shadow. Because that is what my life has become.

But look at these photos!!

I had heard about Shiro Cosmetics' Harry Potter collection before, but that was before I got back into makeup, so I never considered buying it. Until a redditor posted their new swatched & products and I just fell in love all over again.

Just....look at these colors!!!

There's 20 different eye shadow colors available, and I want to buy.....them all. I don't love them all, but I am having too much trouble deciding which I like to even pick what to order, so I was thinking about buying all 20 colors as samples!!

There's also some lip products!

Anyways, you can find the collection on Shiro Cosmetic's website here. But be careful :P Don't blame me if you spend your money!!!
@Animaniafreak same hahahahhahahaha
@hikaymm That's good value, I think I'll grab a few of those mini jars thank you! lol
@alliepetey @Animaniafreak just checked! sample bags are 1/8tblspoon, mini jar are 1 grams in just a clear container and full size is 2grams for 6.50!!
@Animaniafreak the smallest size they have is less than a gram I think!! ugh I know I'm like not totally broke right now so I just keep shopping hahahahhaa rip me!!!
Lol girl you need to put your wallet in a safe and throw away the keys! Just wondering, how long does the smallest size last? I have this mineral eye powder pot from long ago that lasts forever and I think it's only 3g!
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