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I know there's quite a few webtoons fans out there in the Vinglesphere. Are any of you big Dami Lee fans? She's worked for all the major webcomic-fronted websites, but I think the comics she makes for her personal portfolio are by far the funniest.

First off, this webcomic has me thinking: HOW COOL WOULD IT BE TO GO TO GHOST SCHOOL?

But second, what would you try to get away with as a ghost?

Personally I'd be poking people in the eye and tying their shoelaces together all the time. The afterlife is the perfect time to live out those old-timey slapstick comedy fantasties.

How about you guys?

id just annoy people like moveing their car keys and unplugging their phone chargers while saying SO SPOOOOKY
I'm a huge webtoon fan. 3 second comic is my favorite
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oh check it out. its so funny @danidee
@LeInternet I know. She was downright terrifying tbh.
I read her comics on Webtoons whenever she updates 馃挄 Hmmm, probably just pushing people who are just friends closer together? *cupid ghosting*
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