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Learn About 숨 With Astro!

Here's a word you've heard a lot in Kpop:

숨 - Breath


But Astro will teach you 2 different meanings for the word :D

숨 - Breath


가쁘다 - Out of breath


숨가빠 - Out of breath/breathless

(soom ga-bba)

숨어 있다 - Lurking, Hiding

(soom-eo eet-da)

숨어라 - Hide! (Command)


숨바꼭질 - Hide and Seek


Which Astro song do you prefer?

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Both are cute, but Hide and Seek is my favorite
a year ago·Reply
I like both songs ❤
a year ago·Reply
Both because not they are my babies, but the beat is so catchy >.<
a year ago·Reply
Not only*
a year ago·Reply
As much as I love astro, b2st's "숨" is my favourite
a year ago·Reply