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I couldn't stop watching Save Me seriously I can't stop. I was reading the comments and the comments r basically my life. I, myself used to be an huge directioner and yeah they're on their hiatus till 2017 I think and there's nothing to fangirl about 1D since they're on hiatus, every time I watch 1D MVs I cry a bit. But apparently I got into KPOP by of course KPOP fan pages on Instagram and the Fine Bros. I got into EXO first, then GOT7, then BTS, and slowly progressing into Seventeen. Yeah long story....I was slowly progressing into Seventeen 20 mins ago. The names I memorized was Wonwoo, Joshua, Vernon, Dino and DK. that's all I know
I've never been into One Direction. I found them super annoying actually. But before kpop I was into, and still am, Avril Lavigne, Pierce the veil, Black Veil Brides, Bring me the horizon, and so much more. Like I still listen to them every once in a while but some rude group called shinee stole my heart since their debut
That last comment kinda makes me upset, cause not all kpop fans are previous 1d or 5sos. I, personally, barely know both, as I am a metal head. But, again, not all of us staned 1d and//or 5sos.
@XionHeart Same though!
You're going downhill from here 😂 don't worry you're not alone 😂.
Omf same with seventeen I memorized their names in ten minutes but it took me like a week to put each name with the correct face. I thought I was gonna die because it was thirteen members and then when I got into monsta x after seventeen I was like only seven members piece of cake. But seriously seventeen is amazing
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