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Helllooooo everyone! You've probably heard thanks to a few friendly folks, but I am happy to announce that I'm going to be the anime moderator for this quarter!!
I've been support for a while now, helping out people like @invinsybll alongside some other support members, but after a lot of you encouraged me to do so I decided to go for moderator. And I got it!

Do you want to help me?

If you're interested in becoming Community Support, please message me! Just send me a quick note letting me know: - what you like about our community- what you want to do as community support Please message me by Sunday night so I can pick people soon :)

Let's be awesome together!

I want to help everyone start running their own events and collections and stuff like that, so if you have any ideas for what you wanna see more of in our nakama just message me or leave a comment below!!!! Let's make our nakama even more awesome together!

Congrats to all the anime community mods!

Let's all make this place awesome together. I can't wait to do some joint events, too!!! :D
Congrats to:
Fairy Tail: @Tylor619
Naruto - @Tayhar18920
One Piece - @Luffynewman
Dragon Ball - @ChrisStephens
Fan Art: @AimeBolanos
Games: @Mikachu

Follow Nakama Collection For Updates!!

I'll be posting up our revised Community Guidelines, announcing support, and trying to be super interactive with everyone so follow this collection right here for allllll the community news this quarter!!
Tagging some friends! Hope everyone sees this :D
i can be hentai leader
wooooooooo!!!! $ night owls
@paultipps323 @KokoroNoTakara @PASCUASIO @ctsr1 @AshChrimson @LorettaHon @ZephyrBlaze I'll message everyone who has expressed interest in being support with more info at the end of the weekend ;)
Omedet艒!!! (congrats) on the position! 馃槉
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