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VAV are back !!

honestly I nearly cried this song was amazing and beautiful ....it was just perfect. words can't describe how proud I am of these boys. all of their hard work is truly paying off and I'm just too happy right now....and just when I thought I had my set bias going for this group (st.van has been my main bias since predebut)...boy was I wrong this comeback just made me reevaluate life....Jacob and ace are really killing me....zehan too ....so if they keep this up I'll just have to bias the whole group since I love them all anyway
I never heard of them this is their first song I heard now I want to know more about them
@otakukpoper they are amazing!!!! all of them are absolute sweethearts....one member is temporarily gone but this comeback is truly wonderful you should definitely check out their other songs and videos you'll love them