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Learning How To Cook: As Told Through MasterChef Junior

I love binge-watching survival TV shows.

And when I'm in the mood for something in the cook-off genre, MasterChef Junior has yet to let me down. Not only do the episodes sit on the border of spontaneous and COMPLETELY staged, but it involves kids as young as six years old making dishes so expensive and gourmet that sometimes they can't even pronounce them.

It kind of reminds me of when I first started cooking.

Learning how to make a meal that won't give you food poisoning, be covered in grease, or somehow find a new way to burn isn't easy. Cooking's something we're just naturally good at. Well, unless you're part-robot or one of the many love children Bobby Flay's got interspersed across the country. (I'm just saying the guy does a suspicious amount of book tours, okay?)
But anyway, here are some of the struggles we go through when we're learning how to cook in our 20s, as illustrated by children with only 20% - 25% of our life experience. Isn't that fun?

When you finally stop ordering take-out, bring home some produce, and realize you have NO IDEA what you're doing.

When you misread directions and put TABLESPOONS of salt instead of TEASPOONS.

When the recipe calls for a very specific vinegar - and you magically already HAVE that very specific vinegar.

When you've started a recipe without checking if you have all the ingredients first.

When it's the second time you're making a recipe. You got this.

When you're testing your food before it's finished because you're going to be responsible for feeding other people tonight.

When those people actually EAT the food you made tonight.

When the last time you cooked meat, you gave yourself food poisoning, and yet you're back at it again.

When you're cutting an onion that's been left out and you haven't discovered a tear-free solution.

When you're finally like, "Hey, my kitchen skills are pretty good." and venture in the bigger, scarier kitchen beast - BAKING.

How many of you out there can cook?

Is it something you LOVE to do, or do you still hate it? How old were you when you learned? How long did it take to master?

Let me know in the comments below!
I started cooking when I was like 16. I made a cake and it felt great(a lot of help from my mom though). I'm still learning but I find cooking to be relaxing. Helps me clear my head. Also you find a lot of good recipes online nowadays.
I would say I'm still learning; I do cook for myself, but I can guarantee I've had more days where the food is disgusting or bland than I do good days; I would like to get better and have more fun with it :) but just for cooking not professionally or competitively
Went to culinary school...still LOADS I don't know, or have not mastered yet. I did spend a year catering brunch, doing tableside crepes and omelets, so at least I've got a good breakfast repertoire!! ;)
Still learning. I like trying new recipes if I have the time! My friends tend to like it and my family always says it smells good but they won't eat it since I make spicy stuff. I was never interested in cooking til recently. I'm terrible at baking though lol
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