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After the guys cheered N up... they went back to their own struggle with the truth... she didn't choose them...
Ken felt ok about it. of course he was disappointed, but he was glad he still had someone around he could practice his aegyo and jokes on.
Ravi didn't really expect much, and just congratulated Leo on winning the lady's affection.
Hongbin was astonished that his beautiful face and smile didn't do the trick, and he felt a little foolish for being so self centered.
and yet again, Hyuk was so deep in his own little world being such a cutie that he didn't have time to be disappointed.
N tried getting Leo to try hooking them up, but Leo was happy with the outcome and didn't want N in the way of that, so he just smiled slyly without answering his request. He knew he'd won over N, and he loved it.
After all was said and done, Leo ... the one afraid he'd never get the girl, ended up with her. He was ecstatic and very serious about trying to make it last. The End MORAL OF THE STORY: DON'T TRY SO HARD TO IMPRESS... BE YOURSELF AND THE PERSON WHO WILL LOVE YOU - WILL LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU REALLY ARE, NOT FOR WHO YOU COULD BE. LOVE YOU ALL!!!! HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT! SEE U NEXT QUARTER! β˜†muah!β˜†
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