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I decided with everything going on these two weeks I'll try to post what I find ASAP. Sorry lovelies :)
Yes this is a BTS fanfic. I loved the artwork so I decided to keep it. :)
Plot - Dull, empty, grey. It was all anyone saw. Myth had it that if you found the person destined to be with you, flashes of color would burst onto your skin, illuminating your life in beautiful hues onto you and your lover’s skin. Everyone was assigned to one person, and meeting your destined other wasn’t as easy as anyone thought. Would luck be on your side?
It started with a simple touch of the fingertips, already feeling the tingle that shot through your body. You smiled at the man next to you, apologetically glancing at him as you walked into the small library, giving him a nod, which he brushed off kindly.
“Don’t be sorry miss, it was my fault.”
You couldn’t help but smile at his polite manner. For a second, you both shared a glance before going your separate ways in the large library, your eyes skimming over the titles before it caught your eye. “The Legends of Love?” You heard behind you, causing you to turn around, meeting the same man’s gentle smile.
“I didn’t think you’d be one to enjoy things like that.”
You cracked a small smile, clutching the book to your chest as you shrugged your shoulders. “Call me a cliche, but I believe in love.” He shook his head, shooting you a wide smile.
“I’m Park Jimin by the way.”
“No last name?”
“You’ll just have to know me better to find out.”
So he did. Everyday, the exact same time, he’d meet you at the same spot, both of you reading in a comfortable silence. It went on for a while, both of you progressing to small coffee dates, the movies, anything where you both can enjoy each other’s company.
You felt him brush his hand against yours, smiling softly as you intertwined his fingers with yours. You felt the tips of your fingers tingle, sneaking a glance at them, seeing the tips enlighten with bright speckles of pink and blue.
You felt your heart flutter in your chest, your smile growing wider as he gently pulled you closer to his side.
Time progressed further, the both of you getting closer and closer as time passed. You felt happier, watching as your arm slowly turned into a mix of beautiful colors.
“Do you see this?” You asked your friend excitedly as they looked at you like you were crazy.
“(Y/N), there’s nothing there.”
“There is to me.”
You looked at Jimin in adoration, then back at your arm, the colors dancing as you scooted closer to him, feeling the color crawl up and engulf your body into a beautiful sea of colors. You let out a giggle, causing him to look at you in confusion.
“What are you laughing at?”
“You don’t see it?”
“It’s beautiful.”
“I know.”
He wasn’t talking about you.
You giggled, pulling him onto the grass at both of you looked at the dull sky, pointing at the clouds with bright smiles on your faces.
“Jimin, do you believe in love?” You asked softly, relaxing into his side as he pulled you closer, gently kissing your forehead, your body lighting up brighter at the simple act of affection.
Your body was littered with it. The bright pink, blue, red, every color imaginable danced around your skin as your looked into his bright eyes, the way they crinkled when he smiled or laughed. It was what you loved most.
He thought for a while, shrugging his shoulders as he kept his gaze on the sky. “Maybe? Possibly? I’m not sure.”
“It’s said that if you’re in love, you get to see color. Like, physically see it on your skin. It’s beautiful.” You said, laying your head on his chest, looking at your hand in admiration. It was the time to finally tell him, tell him that he’s the one for you, the soulmate you were looking for.
“It’s basically a sign of your soulmate, the second you’re bodies touch, the color engulfs you.”
He let out a laugh, closing his eyes and draping a lazy arm over them. “Is that what that book was telling you (Y/N)-ah?” You nodded, despite him not seeing you, watching as the colors got darker the more you touched him.
“I believe in it.”
“I’ll believe it when I see it.”
“Then open your eyes.” You said, sitting up and pulling him with you, hearing his playful groan as he looked at you, his eyebrow raised.
“What am I supposed to see?”
“You tell me.” You with with a big smile, slowly fading when you see his confused expression.
“(Y/N), I don’t see anything.” You looked at him with your eyebrows furrowed, grabbing his hands, watching the colors dance happily around your skin, your eyes brimming with tears as you held his hand in yours.
“Jimin, don’t you see it? The colors, they’re all over my hand, please. Tell me you see them.” You whispered, watching as his eyes looked at you with concern before pulling his hand away, standing up and backing away slightly.
“(Y/N), I don’t know if this is a joke, but c’mon. You sound crazy.”
“Jimin, don’t you see the colors? It’s all I’ve been seeing all those months we’ve been hanging out together.”
“I’m sorry. I just don’t see anything. You’re just grey like everyone else.”


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well damn that hurt
a year ago·Reply
That's so depressing! 😭😭😭
a year ago·Reply
I never heard of finding your soulmate that way,... seeing the colors on each other I mean, sounds amazing. To have someone see some things in the similar way ^^ I kind of like it
a year ago·Reply
This story was so beautiful, in my opinion. And what you said is perfect @Bikutoria13
a year ago·Reply
@sarahdarwish ^^ thanks, I liked it too despite being one-sided love but it seems common alot these days sadly
a year ago·Reply