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Fantasy Kpop: The 4D Battle

Below are three questions that can help us find the top 4D members in Kpop.

I will tally the votes, award points to each person's team, and will announce on Monday July 4!!!!

Please leave your votes in the comments!

1. Who should be on Saturday Night Live?

2. Who has the best laugh in Kpop?

3. Who should be in Carpool Karaoke?

(see video for reference!)

Leave your votes in the comments!

Winners will be announce Monday July 4 :D

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Jackson Jackson Jackson
a year ago·Reply
1. Key (SHINee) 2. Arin (Oh My Girl) 3. Taeyeon (Girls Generation)
a year ago·Reply
1) Jay Park 2) Mark (Got7) 3) Jackson (Got7)
a year ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply
1. Hoya the sass monster 2. Dongwoo 3. DongWoo and Hoya so they can slayy
a year ago·Reply