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So excited to set sail with our captain @LuffyNewman. I really appreciate being accepted as a member of the One Piece Crew and will support it with eveything I've got ^^
Really excited about working with the Navigator @KurosakiJess and the first mate @ChrisStephens as well as our fabulous captain, I hope we'll all become the best of tomodachi ^^
✨✨✨✨ wonderful NAKAMA!! Pretty sure you've discovered a New World!! 😀😀 Welcome aboard and Let's make "Our" dreams come true!! NAKAMA 4 Ever!!
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I love how u guys are like actually a crew it makes my day xD
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@nimm14 Lets set sail NAKAMA!! Of the Straw Hats!!
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@LuffyNewman woooooo!!!!!
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