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Que tal peeps!

If you have seen many Kpop stars have flawless skin and one of their secrets is the use of skin care products with natural ingredients. As you know summer is here to stay and in most places like here in Michigan you are experiencing a drastic change in weather. I know when the seasons changes my skin changes. I have to use different products on my face, body, and hair. In this card I will share the skin care products I use for my body. I will do a card for my 2016 summer skincare routine.

Natural Ingredients

If you don't know I love natural products and most of my stuff I make. I even sell some of the products I make to family and friends.

Why natural products?

It is best for your skin. You will know what is going on your skin. It is the safest way to go when used correctly.

I always encourage people to make their own skin care products so you can adjust it to your body. If you have a reaction then you can easily track down what your body does not like.

Body Wash

Sweet Almond Body Wash I made this myself but below I will share an alternative if you don't have time to make your own. Ingredients 1. Castile Soap Almond infused 2. Filtered water 3. Olive oil and Coconut oil and Argan Oil 4. Glycerin 5. Vitamin E Oil This wash has a light scent and is super moisturizing. I have very sensitive dry body skin and this works wonders for me. If I want a more scented wash I used the same ingredients but add Lavender essential oil.

Alternative Body Washes

These are some awesome alternatives if you don't have time to make your own. The cleansing oil body wash has a slight scent. However, the softsoap has a scent. I love them both and they are moisturizing and good for my sensitive skin. I love the use of oils in body wash.


If you want that soft youthful skinny out must not skip on exfoliating your skin. Loco Lime Sea Salt Scrub This is a natural scrub I made. I use this about once a week. I concentrate on my elbows and knees but I use all over. Ingredients 1. Mediterranean Sea Salt 2. Olive oil 3. Shea Butter 4. Vitamin E Oil 5. Lime Essential oil The first picture is how the scrub used to look. I have upgraded since then. I no longer use food coloring since I have learned that food coloring can cause allergic reactions in some people. The scrub now looks like a snow slush color. I guess you learn more you will do better! Grapefruit Burst Ingredients 1. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (Fine ground) 2.Sugar Cane 3.Apricot Oil 4. Shea Butter 5. Olive oil Java Madness Ingredients 1. Ground Coffee 2. Mediterranean Sea Salt 3. Olive oil, Rosehip Oil, Argan oil This one is more of an intense scrub so I do rub in too much.

Alternative Body Scrubs

Tree Hut is a good brand if you don't have time to make your own. The consistency is oily like but it works. They do use natural ingredients in their products and does not cost too much. SKINFOOD has some good body scrubs too. I like their coffee scrub and pink sea salt body scrub. You find these products online.

Moisturizer: Shea and Coffee Monster

I love this product and again I make this on my own. The two wonders for skin is Shea Butter and Coffee. You do not want any dry, cracked, irritated skin this summer.

If you want I can do a card in detail about the benefits of all the ingredients that I mention in this card. Just let me know!

Ingredients 1. Raw Shea Butter 2. Coco Butter 3. Coffee 4. Almond oil, Argan oil, Apricot oil, and soybean oil mixture 5. Essential Oil (Vanilla this is optional) This does take sometime to make since you have to whip the ingredients. However, it is worth it.

Alternative Moisturizer

I love this product it uses natural ingredients and smells good! This is usually sold in the beauty supply stores in the city. Not Sallys the other beauty supply stores in the "urban" areas. This leaves your skin feeling so good and you can add this to your bath water for an extra boost.


Sunscreen is very important. Growing up in a Black Latin home we did not believe in sunscreen, becuase we all had brown to deep brown skin. We were taught sunscreen was for fair skinned individuals. But as I said when you learn more you do better. Yes, fair skin may burn easily than deeper skin tones but all skin needs protection from the suns harmful rays...especially if you will be outside baking in the sun. I use the Aveeno sun screen since most of the time they try to use natural ingredients in their products.



I also use a body puff and a normal wash cloth. If I am using my body scrub I will just use a normal cotton wash cloth to avoid over exfoliating my skin.
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