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well dis might take more then 2 hours of ur time but its worth it soo watch it lols both of my oppas at happy camp were soooo much fun and soooo damn and Kimhyun joong oppa is just soooo funny and Lee Min Ho oppa soooo cute zoo charming i have never watch but just watch it 4 my 2 fav oppa and it was soooo much fun I love my 2 oppa :) <3 it made my day Khumasamida oppas :) <3
@krissilva75 ur wish came true hun i post a recent pic of my oppa 4 u enjoy :) <3
so gwapo.....omg how he laugh sarap ulit ulitin....ang kulit u more oppa
Oppa Minho looks so good and much bigger when these videos were taken. He definitely lost a lot of weight since then. He probably needs to be leaner for his role in Heirs. But I hope he gains weight after he shoots the drama -- he looks better with a little more weight on him..