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For those of you who love find great Kpop merch for a decent price head on over to Daebak cases~ (link to website --> http://www.daebakcases.com/?rfsn=268584.0dbef). Daebak is a company that makes Kpop phone cases, shirts, sweaters, pillow cases, as well as having a few other items for sale 💖 During checkout you can enter the code 'KPOPLOVER' to get 10% off of your purchase (who doesn't love getting a discount?!). They have some pretty awesome cases, and other merch, so make sure you check them out ☺️ {note: if you need help figuring out where to enter the discount code while checking out feel free to contact me~} {note 2: This IS NOT spam. I repeat this IS NOT spam. This is a real, legitimate Kpop website & discount code that can be used.}
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