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So today starts the 20 Day iKon Challenge! 😊Today's topic is "Why I Love iKon" Oh man where do I even Everyone is welcome to play along, we encourage it in fact. 😊
Their sense of humor. I love how they can be total dorks with each other or by themselves and make such fools of themselves without caring about their "image" or what others think as long as they're having fun. I love their sassy behavior. They always make me laugh and are an endless source of entertainment.
Their smiles. There is just something about their smiles that I love dearly and cherish. When they smile I smile. Their smiles are very precious things to me that I never want to fade so I will always protect those smiles and the people those smiles belong to.
Their dedication and hard work. These boys have been through so much at such young ages and have faced hardships not many idols go through. They've had to compete again best friends and have had to say goodbye to friends, family and everything familiar to them all for their dream. Even though they've been training together for such a long time to be on WIN was very hard for all of them. And not being able to see or really speak to their parents made it even harder. They didn't know what the outcome would be during WIN, or even Mix & Match, but they all worked so hard and gave it their everything and poured so much into everything they did even though they knew there was a chance they wouldn't win or debut and that it might be the end for them but knowing that never stopped them and made them work that much harder. Even now that, even though they didn't win WIN, they've debuted they still go through struggles and hard times, like receiving hate from "fans" and people etc..., none of that has stopped them from doing what they love. Even Chanwoo is still in the end able to smile despite all the hate he receives. I think they're all about to do so because of each other's support. They truly are the definition of a family. I'm beyond proud of these boys and I am so happy I have with them for so long and am able to watch them grow as a group and as individuals.💖
Their closeness. As stated above these boys have gone through so much as individuals and as a group that they've all relied on one another for encouragement, strength and support and that, along with many other reasons, has brought them so much closer and continues to do so every passing day. So yes they are without a doubt a family. If you just watch and listen to them anyone can clearly see that they think highly of each other, they put the others first and think of them first and you can see how much love and affection they have for each other. They're brothers and family through and through. They have an amazing and unbreakable bond.💖
I could go on and on all day about how much I love these boys and name even the tiniest of reasons but that would take like 50 cards haha so I leave it off here seeing as how I pretty much covered all the main points. And I've also recently made a card stating why I love them lol so I tried to keep this one pretty short. I hope you all enjoy our cards about why we love our boys. Leave in the comments why you love the boys. We'd love to hear from you all. ^_^ (Also if you'd like to be tagged in future iKon cards comment below and we will happily add you. 😊💖
@sarcasticghost Agreed! I own all their songs and every single one of them makes me really happy and make me smile. Like you said you can feel their spirit and the emotion in every single song and that's very rare. Their music is some of the best. It's beautiful.💖
ikon is an amazing group. I only have 3 songs by them but every single time they come on i can't help but smile and dance along. They're one of those groups that you can feel their spirit in their music and it's beautiful
I couldn't have said it better myself
I love ikon because they are different in many ways ❤
@MelissaGarza They are! They're are definitely a one of a kind group!💖