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It's today!

I'm so excited! I hope everyone going has a great time! Stay safe and have fun!
I'll be wearing this shirt... and if the venue lets me... I'll have this sign during the concert... if you see me come say hi! I'll prob be in line with my K-Monsta Squad, but I'd totally love to meet more vinglers!


I'll see you later JB oppa! ♡_♡ *cries inside* oh my heart... it hurts...

If you would like to be tagged/ untagged from my future cards let me know :)

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Have fun. Be safe. Show GOT7 how great and respectful US I GOT7's are.
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on my way to Texas now
a year ago·Reply
I'm here is anyone else here?
a year ago·Reply
ahhhh sorry @raenel I just saw your comment on here today. the verizon theatre hates my phone 😣
a year ago·Reply
don't worry about it. it hates my phone too. lol @ShailaZaman
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