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Sometimes, when you let your guard down you reach out towards the sky. towards the brightest star. You extend your arm like a tree branch that dangles above water; above a drowning hand that's desperate for another chance. But, you don't realize that it will burn your hand, so you slowly drop your hand as you soon remember the pain that will occur. And you whisper silently to yourself, "not again, please." And you turn around walking away from that bright star, from the very thing that hurt you, yet it could save you if you could handle its pain. But you can't. that's the problem. So you walk away into the darkness, free from all suffering. ~KB (when life gets hard, don't end up walking away. those who get burned, are those who have battle scars saying "I did it, I embraced the difficulties and I survived. And I'm so glad that I was able to survive. So, so glad.")