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So recently @kpopandkimchi made a card and asked us which idol rappers could make it in America. When I answered, I totally forgot about Amber. Today, I was listening to Shake That Brass and I was like "OMG SHE COULD TOTALLY DO IT"
Amber is from America... So... That's something, right? XD So yeah, she can sing in English.
She's got the sound, spunk, and fun personality that we tend to look for in artists here in the U.S.
And, let's face it, America LOVES party animals! And SHAKE THAT BRASS really speaks to me spiritually on a party level
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Western culture is also into androgynous females like Ruby Rose, Janelle Monáe, and Elly Jackson. I mean, every time a female celebrity gets a pixie cut, she breaks the Internet. (Ex. Emma Watson)