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From Newsgrio.com: "Photographer Paul McDonough captured scenes of New York City in the late 60s and early 70s. The collection is at the Sasha Wolf gallery in New York. It is full of contrasts from lovers lounging calmly on the grassy pastures of New York to pedestrians scurrying down the sidewalk - the natives of New York are anything but typical. Author Agatha Christie once said. 'It is ridiculous to set a detective story in New York City. New York City is itself a detective story.' The scenes captured by Mr McDonough show the mysterious movements of New Yorkers inhabiting the concrete jungle and he made it his life work to try and record that mystery. In an 2011 interview with Visura magazine, the photographer said he was drawn to street shooting because the flexibility it gives to the photographer. 'My studio can be anywhere.' 'Part of both the pleasure and the frustration is not knowing just what you’re going to encounter and when. You have to have the belief that you will see something on the contact sheet later that rewards your faith,' he said." - See more at: http://www.newsgrio.com/latest-news/33202-stunning-black-and-white-photographs-show-the-hustle-and-bustle-of-the-streets-of-manhattan-the-serenity-of-central-park-and-impromptu-meetups-on-the-sidewalks-of-new-york.html#sthash.JhMmhcOZ.dpuf
those black and white shot are really beautiful !!
these are awesome portraits, capturing a seemingly unimportant moment and by that allowing the picture to show so much character :) they seem to be taken without any particular intent and yet, seem like they contain something special at the same time