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So I really liked Tokyo Ghoul when I watched it, but there are issues with it. Nothing is perfect after all. So here are the flaws I found with your favorite: Tokyo Ghoul.

1: Inconsistent Tone

I take issue with the WILDLY inconsistent tone of the series. It begins dark and terrifying with a premise that involves eating people, but swiftly devolves into the tone of a normal Shonen series. I watched the show for the dark, horrible implications that we only see at the beginning and end of season one and then never again. Then it devolved into the same shit I see all the time.

2: Touka's Characterization

Touka started the series out as a badass monster. She was an example of what a ghoul passing as human really meant; a human on the inside with a darkness beneath. Then she took a violent nose dive in quality. Before I knew it Touka was a tsundere and then she was relegated to Kaneki's girlfriend. Season One had very little place for her badass nature after Tsukiyama, and season two just kind of tossed her aside and patted her on the head like a child.

3: Hide's Death

Hide's death was one of the worst excuses for emotional manipulation I've seen in anime in a very long time, and I know I'm going to catch shit for saying that. Hide was in so little of the series that by the time he died - no joke - I forgot he was even in the show. He really contributed very little and just served as subpar symbolism for the death of Kaneki's humanity, undercutting the sacrifice of the Anteiku members that we spent WAY MORE time with. Now before you start, I have an honest question: When did we see Hide join the actual task force? When did we see him progress through the ranks? When did we see him get he order to fight ghouls at Anteiku? Answer: Never. It comes way out of nowhere for this contrived moment. This weakest point of the show, and my biggest problem with it.
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i had issues with the anime version of Tokyo Ghoul with censored scenes like the eyeball uta was eating or what you actually said about touka going from badass to softie in the second season