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I don't know if anyone else does this but holy crap. I either watch to many kdramas or a listen to too much kpop as of late. So last night I had this crazy dreams and the strange thing was it was in a different language, and for some reason there was subtitles like a caption on their shirts. I woke up maybe 2 in the morning and since I had dozed off talking to someone I told them. then come morning she reciprocated by sharing her own dream. She had a better one then I did
BTW #1 guy was Lee Jae Wook #2 guy was Namjoon #3 guy was kooki #4 guy was OK Taec Yeon #5 guy was Jackson it was a random selection in my opinion. but I fell asleep watching Who are you, after watching Got7 V LIVE with them in the pool
I felt bad I had a short dream and she had this epic one where things went dirty, litterly they landed in mud . I didnt blame her for wanting to remember that dream!
Anywhoo. Is it only us who dreams up this stuff or have dreams that talk in a different language? I really hope not only person I tagging is @SarahVanDorn. considering she's the other dreamer here. lol