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GrayLu & JuLyon ship...馃馃檮
So, like I said before, I shipped GrayLu for a while but couldn't shake off NaLu...I think Lucy would've went perfect with either or...both Gray & Natsu protected Lucy...it's quite romantic actually. And let's not forget that Gray & Natsu has seen Lucy naked. Lol But no worries I'm still a NaLu fan more than ever!!! (^_^)
Well, I wasn't quite into this ship to begin with but now, more than ever, I can't see Juvia with Lyon because Gray keeps foreshadowing my thoughts for her...lol
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Am I really the only one that ships Lyon and juvia?? *lonely song starts to play* lonely~ I'm so lonely~ I see nobody~ to like me ship~~ oooo~... Sorry had too..
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@KageTsuki040910 yup pretty much
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nope just no Gruvia for live and nalu basically gruvia Is cannon already so you can't ship them
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I love Gray x Juvia x Lyon if that counts as shipping JuLyon.
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