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As Moderator of the B.A.P community. I want everyone to enjoy themselves and to follow the guidelines that I'm about to post.
Freedom of Expression

 All Vinglers have the right to freely express themselves on Vingle. Vingle does not either involve itself in user discussions, nor does it limit the scope of topics. Vingle may, however, intervene if anyone's freedom of expression infringes upon other Vinglers' right to an enjoyable Vingle experience. Such infringes include but are not limited to all threats of violence, slander, bigotry, porn, spam, and/or commercials. These apply to all forms of content created and uploaded within Vingle, including but not limited to cards, collection covers, comments, images, and videos. Violence Violent content is not only limited to content that spreads enmity and/or hostility towards others on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, and/or disability, but also content that in any way negatively affects others' Vingle experience due to its violent nature. Spam Vinglers want content that is in accordance with their Community, thus content published to irrelevant Communities just to increase the content's viewership is considered spam. Please consider the Communities’ expectations before you publish content or comment on others' cards. Automated creation of content may result in account termination.
Commercials If you use Vingle for commercial purposes in a way that negatively affects the experience of Vinglers, it will be regarded as spam. While enterprises are allowed to improve their brand’s awareness within Vingle, repeatedly spreading commercial links will be considered a detriment to the community. Please consider whether your target audience will enjoy consuming your content within Vingle. Copyright Vingle has adopted the following policy toward copyright infringement on the Services in accordance with Digital Millennium Copyright Act (

No Irrelevant Cards

If you post a card that is not relevant to the community it will be removed. Don't get upset about it if it is. We are trying to keep it strictly B.A.P. My mods will tell me cards that are irrelevant. If you make a card that has multiple groups it, that's fine as long as B.A.P is in the card. Please be respectful to everyone in the communities. If I miss anything let me know.
Baby Mod Squad: @StefaniTre @AimeeH @Helixx @JiyongLeo @JohnEvans @CrystalBlunt Also please if you want to be added to the taglist let any of us know so we can add you.
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