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I was asked by @tayunnie to make a card to introduce myself for the Beast community. I told her I was happy to do it. For who I am as a person I live in a small town and I don't go out much. Most of my time I'm either on here or doing whatever hobby that I do on a daily basis. I draw, write, and read. I am 23 but I'm short for my age. So most when others see me they think that i am a teenagers. I have yet to go to my first kpop concert and I really want to. For now I just buy the concerts. I do listen to a lot of kpop groups however my Ultimate group that I listen to is Beast.
I have been a B2uty for three years and still growing strong lol. The song that pulled me to love this boys was Beautiful Night. To this day that song is still my favorite. From that day I learned as much as i could about each of the boys. I even had nicknames for each one. I was having a hard time pronouncing their names.
Doojoon- I don't know 1(he and Gikwang looked so much alike)
Hyunseung- Troublemaker (since he is in the subunit with Hyuna)
Junhyung- Joker ( which is his nickname from his past and he still uses it to this day)
Yoseob- Baby face (he had a baby face until the How to Love era)
Gikwang- I don't know 2 (again he and Doojoon looked alike)
Dongwoon- Western (I was convinced that he was from the states)
However after watching many variety programs that they were on I learned quickly on how to pronounce their names.
I'm sure a lot of you know who my bias is within Beast. If you don't know it is Joker himself, Junhyung oppa! What is funny is that while I am writing this his song Slow came on. Yup I'm in big smiles know. Anyway most of you don't know this but three years ago I fell for Yoseob because of his baby face. However when I learned more and more about Junhyung oppa he eventually became my UB (ultimate bias). What I liked about oppa was the way he creates and that he was a rapper. Before kpop I didn't like the rappers that the states have here which made me dislike a lot of the American music. When I heard Oppa's rap I (like most fan girls) in love with his rapping. There is so much that i love about Junhyung that I am sure can match with others. I will agree he is good looking and with the Ribbon teasers I can't help, but go "Oppa you're so handsome"
This video sums it up on how much I love these boys along with my favorite part in the shows that they are in. Plus within the video I love on how the boys do their best to rap like Junhyung oppa.
I have post card on what I have so far for Beast merch. Some photos will show other groups that I listen to. However, my focus when taking the photos was my boys Beast.
@BEAUTY1MONBEBE2 I can't wait!😄
Yay!! Beauty Sister!! @Choijiah This is going to be so much fun!!