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❈ I'm the Cross Gene Mod again, and I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Okay! I left my past Intro card. I will expand on it a little, but hardly anything has changed. ♡

☆ Formalities ☆

My name is Aimee.

☆ Cross Gene is my Ultimate Group ☆ ☆ I am trying to adult so go me! ☆ I'm a Goofball, so I'm highly attracted to those of the same clout. (Motto is: the sillier the guy, well then my heart is snatched away)

☆ I'm the mommi of any group I am in. I have a nurture complex, so everyone is my babies. (Yes that means you all too)

♢ Favorites:

♡ We all know, atleast I hope, that Cross Gene is my Ultimate Group. They are so beautiful and silly precious faces. ♡ Sangmin and Seyoung are my mains, but Yongseokie has been wrecking me as of lately. ♡ Let's be real, I bias all 6.

☆ This is the norm ☆

☆ They will either be Savage or Goofs. . . There's no in between.

This term I will be planning fun things and such! I have a Squad Ready, so I will upload another card with their information later. ♡

☆☆ I am using the Tag list from last quarter. If you would like to be removed or added, please leave a comment below! ♡♡

☆☆ Once again, thank you to the continuous support.

☆☆ Let's all have a fantastic Quarter!

❣Tagging CandY:


can't wait to see the awesome cards
@StephanieDuong Awe bebe!! It's my pleasure!
@IsoldaPazo Yay! Thank you for your Excitement love!
WOO! More Crossgene! Thanks Aimee for making us more aware of this amazing group! 😀
Yasss, I'm more than excited! this will indeed be a beautiful Q3 period!
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