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There is something I always ask myself, some people do not understand english yet still listen to english music sooooooo what's wrong with listening to japanese music even though I don't understand what it says??? People (who don't speak English) always ask me "why you listen to that, you don't even understand it" and I'm like, "well why do you listen to music in english when you don't understand it? " and they're like, "well because I don't care" and I'm just like, "if you don't care about it, then why would you care about what I listen to?" I always say that and I always leave them SPEECHLESS. But really, don't judge anyone before looking at yourself. Tell me, has anyone ask you that? If so what do you say?
@otakukpoper people are so judgemental now a days can't they just respect each others likes am I right?
I've been listening to One ok Rock lately. I don't understand. But it makes me feel nostalgic some how. I think because it sounds similar to the type of music I listened to in high school
everyone who knows I listen to kpop always ask why I listen to it if I don't speak Korean and it always makes me pissed off