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I want you guys to meet this precious angel

His name is Jin Jin

He's such a cutie!

He's known for being the slowest member and a face full of innocence

As innocent as a puppy 🐢

Is cute jin jin all there is? (For you adult fans out there)

I present to you....

Behold Sexy Jin Jin!!!

Don't worry ladies (and gents ^.^)

Its just their debut year, they will appear with their sexy and mature content in no time!

Awww don't be so embarrassed Jin Jin! We love you sexy AND cute~πŸ’™

Jin Jin everyone!

Please join the Astro community for more cards of him and the other members! Ill probably make the other members later in today or tomorrow (One for each member?)

Because I think its time for Astro to shine in the vingle community!

Ill also make a new taglist card sometime today because my taglist is mad old I probably still have the old usernames of some people >.< So look out for that! Thank you!
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@minimanim3 i thought eunwoo was the leader at first too xD
I love Jinjin he's my bias of the group....although I do love them all lol but jinjin I know has a hidden sexy....and extremely nice abs that he needs to show more oftenπŸ˜‚
Tag me please. I love some Astro hahaha I felt like a proud mother when I watched Breathless
Jin Jin is my bias ever since I seen their drama
So funny!!! I just watched this and loved him!