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My sister and I got p2 tickets but our seats are on opposite sides so I won't have anyone to talk to.
My seat is section C-O row T seat 104. I just want to know cuz it would be fun to have people to talk to and fangirl with during the concert!
@LiliRamos Sometimes. It just depends, as they aren't a big store. I'm sure they will have special merchandise in for the GOT7 concert, as they did when B.A.P. was here.
I have my seat now too. One of our seats isn't too far from you @LiliRamos How old is your daughter @TaraJenner ? If you'll be in town more than one day, there is a nice little Kpop shop to go to.
I'm going to Atlanta!!! I'm drive up from Florida too. I got the P3 tickets but sadly wasn't in the 100 for the poster. I'm getting more excited as the days pass.
@JaxomB omg i've been to On the way Home they're very nice
I really wanted to go super bad but I had surgery on my leg and so my mom wouldn't let me get tickets because she was scared that my leg would still be hurting by the time the concert came around :(
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