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My computer was completely hacked yesterday to the point where they were modifying important files and making my computer completely incompatible. I had to wipe it completely, and I lost absolutely everything. I was running around the house trying to find a usb to put all of my stuff on and when I found one and plugged it in I happily found out that they had modified whatever allows the computer to recognize USBs. So I wasn't able to save anything and I couldn't back it up because the second I turned the wifi on they would have access to absolutely everything. Needless to say I had a very fun day yesterday. Now for the good news. Everything seems to be fine after the wipe, and I've begun the process of changing every single password and credit card I own. Now sadly more bad news. In that wipe, I lost every single chapter of both bonding desire and why me. Luckily they're on Vingle and I can just copy and paste them, but while I'm recovering and retyping all of the documents I had (luckily there were only a few really important papers and I took pictures of the content so I could copy them) I will not have time to write the next chapter. Hopefully I'll have it done my the end of the weekend, but I don't want to make any promises. I hope you guys understand, and I'm really sorry! But with that, I just found out that I'm going to the Got7 concert in Dallas tonight! I wanna know if any of y'all are gonna be there too! If you are, come stop by the place where they sell cotton candy. I'll be the blonde dressed in all black! Hope to meet some of you guys!
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I'm sorry to hear what happened. I hope you enjoy yourself at the concert
oh my goodness that's horrible! worry about your important info first. have fun at GOT7 tonight!
oh, I'm so sorry!! 😕 and... have a great time tonight!!!😄
oh no!
I had the same issue with my laptop but because I'm a hacker too meaning I know how too but don't use my skills for that purpose I was able to get my information reversed and the input codes and lock everyone out that tries to hack my laptop they'll get a nasty ass virus on their computers that locks and shut that motherf** down with no chance in hell of them getting it to turn back on. That will fix that Rebecca bish that tried to take over laptop. She f***ed with the wrong one. I saw where she tried to get on my laptop again and I hope that bish is crying right now since her computer is f'd up. Makes me laugh wickedly knowing I paid her ass back. I bought a new computer and spent an entire day blocking anyone from gaining access to that one right out the gate. I hope you never have to deal with someone taking over your computer again @11erinmims.