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Chapter 20 ************** I stretched out on the bed as I felt arms around me. I turned to see my loving mate sleeping. "Good morning love" I said in his ear. He groaned and rustled aound the bed. Its been a week since my change and being mated to HakYeon. "Good morning my little one" his husky voice sent chills down my body.  Even though he knew my name, he still called me little one. He pecked my lips as his hands roamed around my naked body under the sheet.  "HakYeon" I moaned as he kissed my neck and  shifted his body weight on top of me. My toes curled as my fringers ran through his hair. "HakYeon?" "Hmm" he hummed without stopping. "We can't, I got important things to do today. We can go again tonight" I said to him but he didn't seem to listen as he lowered his head down my body. Leaving a trail of kisses. "Just a quicky. Please love" he said against my stomach." It made my stomach flutter. He was making me so turned on that I couldn't help it. "How about one in the shower?" I asked with a smile. He smiled back "God I love you" he said between pecks on my lips. He scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the shower. I was pinned up against the wall with my legs wrapped around his waist. The water ran over our body as I slowly slide myself onto his member. We both moaned in pleasure. Kissing his lips, I began to pump myself up and down as he helped. He had his head thrown back as he moaned. I knew he was enjoying himself as I was too. The bathroom was filled with lots of moans from each of us. When we came near to cum. The water was turning cold so we finished washing up and got dressed. I dressed and went down stairs first. I saw my brother-in-laws. Leo accepted me as a sister-in-law but he usually kept to himself. Ken, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk were then excited to have me as a sister, even if I was there slave before. But Hyuk knew that I was going to be a  mate to his oldest brother. "Good morning!" I said to them as I sat myself in a chair at the table. "Good morning Nisha" they all said expect Leo. He rolled his eyes and kept eating. I shrugged him off and started putting food on HakYeon and my plate. It was a few minutes when HakYeon came down he kissed my head and sat down next to me. He had one hand on my thigh and the other eating his food. We were all quiet when Hyuk got up from the table. "I got it" he said and walked away from the table. The door opened and closed, it was only a few minutes when Hyuk came back with a black envelope in his hand. "Here" he said and handed it to HakYeon. HakYeon opened it and read it before setting it on the table. "What is it?" I asked him because I knew the brother's were having a conversation with their minds. I wasn't that skilled yet since I'm only a week old fledgling vampire. HakYeon said that it will take a couple of month's before any power shows up. "The council is holding a dinner party. We are invited." HakYeon said. "When is it?" I asked him. He looked at his brother's then me. "This evening. Do you want to go?" Heasked me. Since I was still a fledgling, the boys and my mate made sure I didn't go anywhere. Just in case I go crazy. I sat there thinking that I really wanted out of the house besides HakYeon and I's little star glazing in the mid night in the backyard. "Yes I do" I said as they all nod. "Alright but if you feel like your going to go out of control then tell one of us. Okay?" HakYeon said with concern in his voice. I smiled "okay" Hours past fast as evening came up. I finished  styling my hair. I walked out of HakYeon and my room. I saw he was finishing up his tuxedo. He came and rest his hands on my waist. "You look beautiful as always." He said kissing me. I rejusted some parts of his tuxedo and smiled up at him. "And you are always handsome" We made our way out to the front where a vehicle was waiting for us. We all piled in and waited in silence when we pulled up to a castle. I was in awe as I started up at the castle. HakYeon held my hand. "Welcome to my parents household but also know as the council household." He said. "Wait you use to live here?" I asked. "Yep. Home sweet home right." Hyuk said as he passed us and made his way through the doors. Leo, Ken, Ravi and Hongbin followed behind him. I took a deep breathe. HakYeon cupped my face and smiled. "You will be fine love. I'm here for you" he said and took my hand to led me through the doors. When we entered, there were peope that bowed to us. HakYeon acknowledge them as we made through the crowd. "Hello Prince HakYeon, I was wondering if you and your brothers would actually show up." A man said to HakYeon. "Hello JaeSun" he said and shook his hand. "Let me introduce you to my mate Nisha Hawn " he said. "Hello" I greeted the guy. "Its a honor to meet you Princess Nisha" he took my hand that I held out and he kissed my knuckles. "Its a pleasure to meet you too" I smiled at him. "You are very lucky my Prince to have such a beautiful mate." He said and left. "That was JaeSun he is the head of the council. There is JaeSun, JiYoung, Aron, Daehun, and Sora." HakYeon explained as I nod. I stood by HakYeon as he talked to people. He introduce me but I felt a little overwhelmed by meeting all of these people. "You okay?" He asked. I nod my head. He took me to a chair and sat me down. "Let me go get something for us. Will you be okay alone for a while?" "Yes I'll be fine HakYeon." He hesitate for a minute until he was sure that I will be okay. I sat there and waited for HakYeon to return. "Please stop!!" I heard someone pleading. Then there was a scream. Curiosity got the best of me as I followed the sounds from outside. The closer I got the more louder it was. I saw a girl in dirty rags as she was getting hit by a guy. "You can never do anything right, You useless bitch!!!" He kept kicking and hitting her as she cried out in pain. I was never treated this bad when I was my mate and his brother's slave. It pained me to see how badly treated she was. I needed to stop it before it was too late. When I was about to go towards them a hand grabbed my arm and turned me to face them. "Are you stupid?" Leo hissed. "I have to stop him before its too late." I told Leo. "What he does doesn't concern you. Now let's get you back to my brother before he goes crazy." He told me but I refused. "Let go of me Leo" I yelled and yanked my arm out of his grasp. "Stop!!" I yelled at the man. He stopped in mid slap and looked towards me. "Why should I?" He asked me. "Your hurting her" I told him. "And I should care why?" He asked me again. "She's useless bitch anyways." "Your an asshole you know that. Your cruel, manipulative and a cold hearted bastard." I told him getting closer to him. "Shut your mouth and learn your place bitch!" He was about to slap me but Hakyeon stopped his hand. "I believe it is you that needs to learn your place before hitting someone else's mate." He growled between his teeth. The guy looked shocked. "Yes Master N" he said. HakYeon looked at the girl that was passed out on the floor. "Is she your slave?" "Yes Master N" he said again. "Then you wouldn't mind if I took her from you then?" HakYeon asked as the guy shook his head. "Then leave and think about what you done" The guy nod his head and ran off for his life. HakYeon looked at me with his red eyes. "You can not just walk up and leave like that. What would happen if you started killing. Or you were killed again. I can't lose you again." He yelled at me and I had tears runnig down my cheeks. He sighed and pulled me into his arms as he comfort me. Other foot steps were in the background and I knew it was his brother's. "Let's go home. Leo get the girl"
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Wait wait what? I'm confused, it's happening again?! Omo!!!! 😱😱😱😱
@SerenaArthurs what are you confused on about? 😂😂😂
The thing with Nisha is going to happen again with Areum?
@SerenaArthurs I don't know start reading book 2 😉😉