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It seems like every choice I make
Ends up another pill to take
And I believe my brain
When it says, "I'm insane"
No matter where I walk
Or even people that I talk to
I know that they can see
Beneath my eyes
Only pain
And how I truly try
To just wake up and get by
But every thought that's in
My head only says, "Die instead"
But then along came you
And I wandered if it were true
When my head was finally quiet
And the skies were all blue
You taught me how to love
When I'd already given up
And my heart can once again
Beat and not pretend
I wish that I could say
This this will end a different way
But my past just always seems to
Lead me astray
I do believe in us
And i give you all my trust
But that's what I always say
While they sail away
I'll just sit here on the beach
And fall asleep while counting sheep
And pray to God that you'll come see
That we're both in too deep
I want to love you so
But I'm afraid to let you go
Cause we both know that if I leave
I won't come back anymore
I don't want to be like
Those guys you fight with all your might
To keep locked up inside your heart
And watch it tear all apart
Trust me, there's nothing I want more
Than to see you run out through your door
Into the arms of someone who
Loves you, like I do
And even if it hurts
So much I fall to the dirt
And can't begin to catch my breath
It'll be better than death
-Dynamo (2-22-16)